Sustainability - Caring For You

At The iNUA Collection, we believe it is our responsibility to not only care for our guests but our environment and our communities too. To best serve tomorrow’s hospitality.

We are passionate about reducing our impact on the environment and fostering positive change in our communities while catering to our guests’ every wish. Creating hotel experiences that don’t cost the earth.

Our Caring For You programme encapsulates the three key pillars of sustainability at The iNUA Collection: Environment, Sourcing, and Community.


Caring for the Environment

The first pillar of our Caring for You programme focuses on reducing the Environmental impact of our operations by:

  • Committing to carbon-neutral operations by 2025
  • Setting and achieving annual reductions in our environmental KPIs. Notably Energy consumption kwh per m2 per annum, Litre water per sleeper, Kg of food waste per cover and Kg of waste per sleeper
  • Recycling a minimum of 75% of our waste
  • Reducing our energy and water consumption by installing monitoring systems in all our hotels that have set hourly consumption thresholds, and an alarm system to alert our maintenance teams to any abnormal consumption
  • Minimising the use of single-use plastics and packaging throughout our hotels, restaurants, and venues from the kitchen right up to guestrooms.
  • Removing single-use in-room amenities and replacing with refillable dispensers
  • Producing an annual Environmental Plan setting out our Objectives, Targets and Achievements
  • Compliance with all guidelines set out by our membership of
  • Compliance with all environmental legislation and recommendations of the Government of Ireland
Caring for our Sourcing

The second pillar of our Caring for You programme focuses on our sourcing practices and supply chains, including:

  • Exclusively purchasing green electricity, in addition to the generation of our own renewable energy via our on-site solar panels
  • Seasonality is at the heart of our menus in The Brasserie restaurants, aligning our dishes to produce that are in season and at their natural time of harvest
  • Local supply chains are also at the fore of The Brasserie and our restaurants to ensure we limit the carbon footprint of transport involved
  • Our chicken pork and beef is all Irish-sourced and free-range
  • Plant-based vegan and vegetarian options are increasingly being integrated in our menus
Caring for our Communities

The third pillar of our Caring for You programme focuses on you, our guests and customers, and the communities we operate in through:

  • Our strategic partnership with Down Syndrome Ireland which includes providing career opportunities for those with cognitive disabilities and raising valuable funds through-out the year
  • Developing innovative oncology spa treatments for those in our communities who are going through or completing cancer therapy with Ground Wellbeing & Christine Clinton Cancer Care
  • Running an Environmental Management Training Programme for our Hotel Managers to ensure their sustainability knowledge is continuously developing
  • Educating our colleagues to reduce, re-use and recycle the resources they consume while at work
  • Engaging our guests and customers in our sustainability journey through engagement, awareness, and participative, campaigns like Meatless March
Clean The Planet, Not My Room

All guests who stay more than one night with us can partake in our Clean The Planet initiative which gives the choice to exchange your room cleaning and fresh towels service for a €5 food voucher plus a €1 donation to our charity partner, Down Syndrome Ireland. By choosing to skip your room clean and fresh towels you will curtail your water and energy consumption, and reduce the carbon footprint of your stay.

For guests of our Muckross Park Hotel and Spa, Killarney, County Kerry:

To thank you for your support of our sustainability programme a voucher for a complimentary glass of house wine to be enjoyed in one of our hotel bars will be placed under your door as a small token of our appreciation.

Rewilding & Bio-diversity Project

We have entered a partnership with the Dunsany Castle Nature Reserve to plant 11,000 native trees over the next 5 years which is supporting our biodiversity drive and offsetting some of our carbon footprint.

We have planted Alder, Birch, Oak, Willow, Roan and Scot’s Pine Trees and have involved some of our key corporate clients in this process.

The Dunsany Castle Nature Reserve is the first Irish project to be recognised by the European Rewilding Network and is Ireland’s largest private project of this kind. The project spans 750 acres in County Meath and is geared towards restoring the ecosystem  to a point where nature can take care of itself.


The project has already created a haven of native forests, fields, springs, streams and marshes. This has led to increased biodiversity including sightings of rare indigenous birds such as red kites, woodpeckers, barn owls, herons and sparrow hawks. Red deer have started breeding on the property and there is a growing presence from otters, badgers, pine martens, hares and stoats. Dunsany is rapidly becoming a home to an abundance of flora, fauna and wildlife.

Each tree we plant is estimated to absorb 25kg of CO2 over the initial 20 years of its life. Once we reach our target of 11,000 trees per annum we will be offsetting 280 tonnes of carbon per year.