Based in Roscommon, Gilligan’s Farm is one of the few family-owned farming-and-butcher operations in Ireland.

The story of Gilligan’s Farm goes back over 100 years to when Tom Gilligan built the family farmhouse and started farming the land in Roscommon in 1915. Their approach to farming and butchering is rooted in a deep respect for the environment, animal welfare, and sustainability. Believing that quality produce comes from caring for animals, they grow a range of crops from spring and winter barley to kale, in order to ensure that their animals have the vitamins and minerals they need. Gilligan’s Farm believes that the best quality beef comes from animals that are reared slowly, fed well, and free to roam on grassy fields, and at The Brasserie, we couldn’t agree more.

We take pride in using sustainable, locally sourced, seasonal produce from Gilligan’s Farm in our dishes, and our partnership allows us to create a range of delicious meat dishes using the best possible ingredients. From succulent grass-fed beef to tender lamb, their meats are an essential part of our menu and a favorite among our customers of The Brasserie restaurants, part of The iNUA Collection.